Dettendorfer trainees visit Fritzmeier

In these times marked by Corona, social distancing has become a very important matter. So we like to think back on the times when we could get closer to each other.

On 15 January 2020 we welcomed trainees from shipping company Dettendorf as guests here in Grosshelfendorf. The company owner Georg Dettendorfer also took the time to get to know Fritzmeier better, especially our training operations. After a brief round of introductions and an official company presentation, the visitors got a tour of the buildings and production facilities of Fritzmeier Systems and our training workshop at Fritzmeier Technology.
The Dettendorfer and Fritzmeier companies are linked by local proximity and personal contacts, and also by the fact that both companies have been family-operated for generations. All these things give them many points of commonality for discussion.

It’s a pleasant memory in the difficult times we’re currently experiencing.

Fritzmeier’s trainees are looking forward to the return visit to Dettendorfer, which will take place as soon as conditions allow!