A reliable, efficient machine park is necessary for production at high quality and consistent precision, so Fritzmeier Technologie regularly invests in the latest equipment. In our 5000 m2 fully climate-controlled manufacturing facility, we make tools and equipment for diverse requirements using the latest machines.

Precision from the factory
Only the best equipment can ensure a constantly high level of quality (we are certified to ISO 9001:2015). We therefore pay careful attention to our state-of-the-art machine park, which passes every test. Just like our highly qualified staff, who skilfully and carefully implement the demanding technical specifications.

Our different production areas

Tool production Quality knows no compromises.

From the beginning our goal is to meet our customers’ high quality standards. The latest machines and highly-qualified people ensure outstanding results. Through decades of experience and deep knowledge of the development, method planning, design and production of tools, we are a dependable forming partner for the automotive industry.

With the latest technologies, such as draw simulations for feasibility testing, we achieve optimum processes throughout the production process.

Tool making from A-Z, from 3D data sets to components:

  • Draw simulation
  • Tool design
  • Design
  • NC programming
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Run-in
  • Small and pre-series runs
Cubing We are a cubing provider with leadership experience

Experience we put to use for you:

  • Test cubing for BMW, Daimler, Opel and Audi
  • Partial cubing
  • Side-frame cubing
  • Assembly frames for model making

Cubing expertise
From concept development to project and data management, design, documentation, visualization and change management, we give you everything from a single source. We produce and measure in a climate-controlled environment, with two sealed measuring rooms.

Lehren Prueftechnik
Measure and Checking figures Gauge making in all dimensions

We offer the highest in quality and service in this area as well. We plan and work together with our customers on individual solutions that help them use the latest industrial technology efficiently and economically in their operations.

The production tolerances of our test gauges are in the hundredths of millimetres, making them dependable references for production.

We make test and measuring gauges for individual parts as well as preassembled modules and assemblies, and combinations of test gauges and cubing gauges. Naturally we can also do simple 3D measurements.

Model making It starts with quality

Our model making is true to form from the beginning. CAD/CAM makes it possible - the milling accuracy of our machines is < 0.05 mm.

Anything is possible
Whether metallic or non-metallic moulded parts, from car interior cladding and chassis to complete design models, in reduced scale or full size, we implement data to make models precisely and quickly. Networking at the CAD/CAM level ensures a fast, secure, no-loss information flow.

Deep-hole boring lets us drill holes with tolerances much tighter than with conventional drilling techniques. Like the term “deep-hole boring” implies, these tolerances are obtainable at extreme depth to diameter ratios.

Deep-hole technique More accurate than conventional drilling methods

Deep-hole boring lets us drill holes with tolerances much tighter than with conventional drilling techniques. Like the term “deep-hole boring” implies, these tolerances are obtainable at extreme depth to diameter ratios.

Our special deep-hole technique offers these advantages over conventional drilling:

  • Drilling of extreme depth/diameter ratios (where conventional drilling is no longer possible)
  • Drilling in the transition zone to conventional drilling with much greater economy
  • Drilling in the conventional drilling zone with much tighter tolerances

Our SAMAG TFZ4 – 2000 enables heating and cooling borings in RTM, SMC, GMT and injection moulds to a maximum depth of 2300 mm (from each side) and a diameter of 5 – 65 mm. The table loading capacity of up to 40 tonnes allows very large mould dimensions.

Robot welding Efficiency and consistently highest quality

Our modern welding robots and a highly motivated, highly qualified team enable us to make demanding components with complex welds, precisely and with extremely high quality. Even in small runs, robot welding gives us considerably better weld seams. Continuous monitoring of the process parameters lets us delivery consistently high quality.

We offer 100% repeat precision, maximum process reliability and high economy!

  • Welding process: MIG/MAG, max. 450 A weld current
  • Welding robot: CLOOS
  • Working range: 5000 mm linear axis travel
Prototyping & serial We combine both

Individualization is a driving force of today’s market trends. As prototype builders, we’re experienced at making small quantities in the final materials, economically. At the same time, we are committed to the quality of the parts we make. We live up to the highest demands.

Quality and quantity are not contradictions

Our capacities and long experience put us in a position to produce in volume as well. In series production we strike a balance between quality, on-time delivery and economy. This has made us a sought-after partner for series production for well-known companies. Because precision is not limited to individual fabrication.

Give us a try!

Spezial machines Your capable partner for precision

We plan, design, produce and assemble machines for all imaginable requirements, specifically to your requirements. After production, assembly and acceptance, your machine and/or plant is ideal for your needs.

Experience and improvement

It takes the highest standards and tested quality to deliver the best results in special machine-building. From development to delivery of the finished components, our qualified staff ensure a customer-oriented and optimized production process at every step.

The combination of long experience, the latest production methods and monitoring systems ensures first-class, reproducible quality for each individual component. With our internal quality management, this gives you a precise and dependable final product.

Tool and jig making The team brings it together!

In our generously-dimensioned tool and jig making operation, our trained and tested welding teams assemble own and third-party designs precisely and reliably, to create a durable whole.

We aren’t satisfied with just the prototype...

Experienced teams also make the welding jigs, stations, fixtures and entire production lines needed for series manufacture, accurately and precisely.

Because we care about quality!

Finally, our Quality Assurance again checks, measures and transparently documents the precision and accuracy of all the products we make.

A good-looking product builds trust!

Before our welded assemblies leave the plant, we give them the proper corrosion protection, consisting of primer and the desired paint in our own industrial painting line.

Laser cutting Small lots can also be series parts.

With laser cutting we offer one of the most modern material working processes. Laser-cut parts have excellent edge properties, need no post-processing, and can be used for assembly right away - a great benefit.

Laser cutting requires no tools, giving it numerous advantages over other methods like die-cutting. That also turns smaller lot sizes into affordable series-production parts.

One of our lasering machines is a 5-axis Trumpf TLC 7040. This is a high-tech, German-made machine that gives masterful performance.

Its powerful 6 kW lasers quickly, precisely, and effortlessly cut:

  • Sheet steel up to 20 mm thick
  • Stainless steel sheet up to 8 mm
  • Aluminium sheet up to 6 mm
  • With a table size up to 4 x 2 m